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Dentistry for Kids
Haddonfield, NJ

Young girl brushing her teeth.Preventative dentistry will stop your dental problems before any have a chance to become serious. This means you should follow healthy practices during childhood, and they will become a good habit. Our dentists Cleary Dental practice preventative dentistry and know its importance at every stage in life.

A child’s first visit to the dentist should happen at one year old. Infant teeth will begin to grow at six to twelve months old. Around the age of six years old, primary teeth fall out and make room for permanent teeth. These teeth are the only ones that we will have for the rest of our lives. In order to ensure that your child’s teeth have longevity, it is important to establish a habit of good dental health that will last a lifetime. Proper dental health includes brushing teeth and flossing daily after each meal and visiting the dentist for an exam and cleaning every six months.

How To Prepare Kids For The Dentist

You can ease a child’s anxiety about visiting a place they have never been by introducing them to a dentist at an early age. Avoiding the dentist at all may cause your child to be nervous about visiting the dentist, especially if you are also on edge. Show kids how you take care of your smile and lead by example with your dental health.

You should inform kids about what will happen during their visit so they will be less nervous. Let your child know that the dentist is a safe place for them to take care of their health and happiness. Use positive language when talking about visits to the dentist to help kids enjoy their visit. Dental practices are a good way for any child to practice their own independence. If a child can feel accomplished for taking good care of their teeth it will help with their anticipation of a scary visit.

Pediatric Dental Solutions

As permanent teeth grow, excessive thumb sucking may cause a child’s teeth to become misaligned. If a child sucks their thumb, it can shape the roof of their mouth and can also affect the formation of their jaw. Overbites form when the front teeth stick out due to thumb sucking. Overbites and underbites can form if there is too little or too much room in a child’s jaw. When the teeth are not aligned, one set will creep over the other. Regular appointments will monitor the movement of a child’s teeth and allow our dentists to prevent misalignment with treatment.

Knowing the state of your child’s teeth is important so that their teeth can develop properly. While children grow, dental complications will be more likely. This means that a child’s needs should be planned for as their teeth grow. It is important to know that a child should visit our dentist every six months after their permanent teeth start to grow in order to properly care for and monitor their smile as it grows in. Additionally, your child’s first visit to an orthodontic dentist should occur when they are about eight years old. Orthodontic treatments can be more quickly and easily taken care of during childhood compared to adulthood. Common spacing and misalignment problems can be taken care of with orthodontic practices. Teeth will become misaligned due to jaw size, genetics, and the growth of wisdom teeth during early adulthood. These problems can be solved by visiting an orthodontist.

Cleary Dental is a dental office that has experienced pediatric professionals that can provide your child with a rewarding experience and the best treatment. Let us be your trusted care provider by calling us now to speak with a consultant at (856) 528-8607.


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Our dentists Cleary Dental practice preventative dentistry and know its importance at every stage in life. Especially, when it comes to dentistry for kids.
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